It is amazing that there are women who don’t have so much interest in sex because it does not seem to appeal to them. The cause is largely due to the fact that many men are not fully aware of the power of vaginal stimulation that women need for sexual enjoyment.

As a result of the lack of sound vaginal stimulation, many women have unconsciously or subconsciously become passive for sex, thus falling short of the full enjoyment of their sexuality.

Now, every man will do well to understand the sexual needs of his partner, explore her body to enhance erotic responses and then provide help with the aim of reaching orgasm.

In order to please your woman , you must be aware of definite ways your wife can enjoy a wonderful sexual experience. There are women who complain that their husbands don’t give ample time to arousal, majorly in the area of vaginal stimulation.

It is funny that there are men who have not even looked at the female reproductive organ for once in their sex life! So, there is no way they will be able to appreciate the sensitivity of the organ at the vulva, clitoral area and the vaginal itself.

The most powerful area for sexual pleasure is the clitoris. It can single-handedly give a woman to orgasm.

In order to have a good sex episode, you have to start with caress, kissing, and fondling as well as sucking of the breast. This is to arouse her sexually. Once she is responding to sexual arousal, her vaginal will begin to secrete some lubricant that will make the vaginal opening wet.

It is at this stage that you can start vaginal stimulation so as to increase the intensity of the pleasurable feelings and warmth all over her body.

Apply a sort of bouncing movement on the vaginal lips, that is, labia minora. Do it gently with some pressure on the lips in a rhythmic manner.

Use your fingers to apply some of the lubricant to the clitoris. By this time, the clitoris will have become swollen and a little bit hard like a man’s penis.

Stroke the shaft of the clitoris with a finger. Afterwards, move on to the clitoral hood for direct stimulation. This is the process that indirectly leads to vaginal stimulation with the following characteristics.

• The two-third of the inner part of the vaginal expands to push the uterus and the cervix away from the vaginal opening.
• The outer part of the vaginal becomes a little bit tensed, thus making the opening somewhat narrow.

It is this vaginal stimulation that gives women the feeling and the urge to quickly have the penis inserted for thrusting. Since the arousal will have been intense, the vaginal will grip the shaft of the penis, thus giving more warmth and excitement.

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